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Gymnastics & Tumbling

Our Gymnastics and Tumbling program is uniquely designed to improve strength, flexibility, coordination and age appropriate skill progressions on the events. Students will be evaluated every 3 months by the head coach to check their progress. Students will be moved up to the next level upon completion of the course or students who meet the skill level during the evaluations, will be offered the option to move up sooner. 

Annual showcase will be held once a year during fall where they will get to perform Infront of family and friends and will be given awards and certificates. 

Pre School (Grils & Boys)

Ages: 4-5

45 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $80/Monthly

Through Pre School classes, we introduce Kids ages 4-5 to the world of movement and exercise. Children learn to explore their capabilities and limits while in the safety of the gym. Kids will start the class with a little warmup, stretching and they will learn various jumps on the trampoline, rolling backwards and forwards, how to support themselves with their hands and progress to cartwheels and handstands. This fun and enjoyable program will build your child’s confidence and help overcome fears. They develop social skills, taking turns, following directions and sharing, all while spending quality time and creating friendships with other children in a positive and encouraging environment.

Girls 1

Ages: 5 years and up upon placement

60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $95/Monthly

(10-12 month program)

Our Girls 1 classes teach the basics of gymnastics while improving strength, coordination, flexibility, balance, agility, confidence, and social skills for children of all ages and abilities. Girls work on all girls gymnastics events, including Vault, Floor, Beam, and Bars and Trampoline. Gymnasts who master our Girls program skills and show strong potential and interest in continuing in gymnastics may be promoted to Girls 2 class. 


Ages: 6 & up upon placement

Girls 2 (12 month program) -60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $100/Monthly

Girls 3 (15 month program) - 60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $105/Momthly

Girls 4 (18 month program)- 60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $110/Momthly

Invitational only, for girls ages 6 and up who show exceptional abilities, strength and focus in Girls 1 or upon placement test. 

Child Practicing Gymnastics

Ages: 6 years & up

60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $95/Monthly

For Boys who want to start Tumbling at a recreational level. These athletes will benefit from increased physical activity and improve in such areas as strength, flexibility and coordination, while learning the basic tumbling skills. They will use trampoline skills that relate to gymnastics and tumbling.


Ages: 6-12  years old.

Tumbling 1- 60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $95/Monthly

Our tumbling classes progress students from cartwheels to back flips and back tucks and twists and improve their cheerleading/dance and gymnastics skills.


Ages: 7 & up

Tumbling 2- 60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $100/Monthly

Tumbling 3- 60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $105/Momthly

Tumbling 4- 60 min.sessions/ 4 sessions per month. $110/Momthly

Advanced tumbling skills necessary for gymnastics, cheer and dance..

Gymnastic Rehearsal

Ages: Any

30 min.sessions or 60 min. sessions. $100/Hr 

Do you want extra practice to achieve skills? Do you have trouble fitting into our class schedule? Do you just want to work on particular skills? Private lessons are the answer!

Summer program (June 20th- Aug 20th)

Ages: ages 6 and up

60 min. sessions/ $100 per month

All levels welcome, for kids who want to develop, refine and polish their skills and learn new tricks and tips, in a fun environment. During our Summer sessions we work on floor and vault and lots of fun ways to progress skills! 


Tumbling- Mondays 2:30-3:30pm and/or Thursdays 2:30-3:30pm 

Gymnastics- Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays 2:30-3:30pm


Don't miss out!



Ages: ages 6 and up, by Invitation only.

Competitive team is for girls who show exceptional talent and work ethic, as well as the drive to succeed in gymnastics.  Students will progress through the USAG levels and attend various competitions throughout the year.  Training hours and time vary by level and are relative to the gymnasts abilities.

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