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Eranda Gunasekara

Owner/ Head Coach/ Program director


"My name is Eranda Gunasekara and my passion and dedication to Gymnastics started since I was a child. I was a Part of Sri Lanka national team from 1997-2007 and Competed in many World championships including Artistic Gymnastics World Championship in Ghent Belgium (2001), in Anaheim -USA (2003), World youth Olympics in Moscow-Russia (1998), Common wealth games in Melbourne-Australia (2006) & got selected to individual all round finals.​ I was the Gymnastics coach of multiple junior national champions in Sri Lanka. 

American Flips has been a dream come true, as this is a place where I can integrate both my passion for Gymnastics and fulfill my dream to take our kids to higher levels in Gymnastics.  

I am very grateful and honored to be a part of every Gymnast who walks through the door of American Flips."


Samindi Rodrigo

Owner/ Administrator


"My name is Samindi Rodrigo and I am the Co-owner/ President of American Flips Kids Gymnastics. Im a nurse by profession. In 2019, having the opportunity to be by Coach Eranda’s side and support him in opening our first family business, American Flips was a dream come true. 4 years later, we opened our second gym in 2023 with bigger space and more equipment. Each day, in partnership with my husband and our 4 kids, I have the gift of nurturing little gymnasts, their life style and personalities through Gymnastics and I could not ask for much more than that. I am filled with gratitude for how American Flips impacts my  life and our family daily." 


Nicole Lane

Head Coach- Cypress location

"Hi, my name is Nicole Lane and I am so excited to be with American Flips! I have coached recreational gymnastics and sports for four years now, and have always loved being with kids. I always bring an energetic personality and will offer as much as I can to help these kids grow into gymnasts. I’ve loved being able to explore new activities and help kids find their passion in any way that I can, and am glad I get to continue to do so here!" 


Sierra Lambrose

Team Coach

“I am Sierra Lambrose. I have been teaching at American Flips since last 3 years. I did gymnastics for ten years growing up and competed up to level 8, then I cheered in high school. I’ve always loved working with kids so I’m excited that I get to use my gymnastics experience to coach and help these kids become great gymnasts.”


Hannah Lee


"Hi, my name is Hannah Lee. I did gymnastics several years ago and then cheered all throughout high school. When I was younger, I loved teaching my sister and friends how to tumble. Gymnastics has taught me many valuable life lessons which I hope the kids will take away as well. I’m thrilled I have this opportunity to coach these kids to become amazing athletes and reach their full potential. Watching them grow and celebrating every accomplishment will be exciting to experience with the kids."


Madilyn Sawyer


"Hello, my name is Madilyn Sawyer. I did gymnastics for about 9 years. I’ve missed it ever since I stopped training. Having good coaches who believe and encourage you to be your best self was crucial for me. Becoming a gymnastics coach has been an amazing opportunity, I hope to motivate these kids and lead them to reach their full potential. I love getting to work with the kids and teaching them all the necessary skills needed to level up. I look forward to seeing them improve with my help and guidance."


Maya Ibarra


“Hi, my name is Maya Ibarra  and im a new coach at American flips gymnastics.  I previously competed with Desert Elite Mavericks and won many national titles as a cheerleader including the National Cheerleading Association, American Grand, The National Summit and many more. I did gymnastics for 3 years and cheerleading for 13 years. I am currently studying in Fullerton as a child development major to become an elementary school teacher. I am super grateful to be given the opportunity to mentor and coach these young girls into becoming amazing gymnasts in the future.”


Genevieve Kunkel


"Hi! My name is Genevieve Kunkel, aka coach Genna. I am the youngest of 6. I was a gymnast for 4 years and did tumbling another 4 years. I have worked with kids sense middle school. Previously I was a swim coach with little ones. The smile on their faced when they do something they didn't know they could do is absolutely priceless. I am so excited to be you little loved ones' coach!"


Asia Austria- Rey

Front desk operator

"Hi! My name is Asia and I’m one of the front-desk operators! It’s so much fun to be a part of the American Flips family, watching all of the students learn new skills and make new friends. I’ve been in various sports since childhood, so I cherish the memories that I’ve made and am so happy to help these gymnasts have the same experiences!"


Samantha Santillo

Front desk operator

"Hi, I’m Samantha and I’m one of the front desk operators! I’m so glad to be a part of the American Flips team and I hope that together we can create enjoyable and exciting experiences for our gymnasts and their families!"


Josephine Lee

Front desk operator

"Hello everyone! My name is Josephine Lee and I did gymnastics when I was younger. I currently swim for my school, and I’m also part of a dance group/organization. I enjoy being part of the process in helping rising gymnasts do different tricks!"


Aliana White


"Hi my name is Aliana White! I did gymnastics for 4 years when i was younger and 4 years of tumbling. More recently I have cheered for about 3 years! I love working with little kids and being able to teach them things they didn’t know before.  I'm so grateful for the opportunity to teach these young kids to be great gymnasts!" 


Nick Tomko

Front desk manager

"Hi, My name is Nick and I have been with American flips since 2019. I am very excited to be a part of the team"

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