Eranda Dias Gunasekara

Owner/ Head Coach


Eranda's passion and dedication to Gymnastics started since he was a child. He was a Part of Sri Lanka national team from 1997-2007. He Competed in many World championships including Artistic Gymnastics World Championship in Ghent Belgium (2001), in Anaheim -USA (2003), World youth Olympics in Moscow-Russia (1998), Common wealth games in Melbourne-Australia (2006) & got selected to individual all round finals.​

He was the Gymnastics coach of multiple junior national champions in Sri Lanka.

Samindi Rodrigo


Gianna Diamante


“Hi, I am Gianna Diamante. I’ve been a gymnast for 5 years and I am currently competing in Xcel Platinum. I love working with kids because they’re always full of joy and energy, and seeing them advance as athletes is very rewarding.”

Sierra Lambrose


“Hi, I am Sierra Lambrose. I did gymnastics for ten years growing up and competed up to level 8, then I cheered in high school. I’ve always loved working with kids so I’m excited that I get to use my gymnastics experience to coach and help these kids become great gymnasts.”

Dennisse Duarte


“Hi, my name is Denisse Duarte. I was in gymnastics a couple years back and made the team within a few months! I have always been surrounded by children and I love watching them learn, grow, explore and just have fun while they become a better version of themselves. I am excited to work with these little gymnasts and help them achieve their gymnastics goals in any way that I can!”

Nick Tomko

Front desk operator