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Eranda Dias Gunasekara

Owner/ Head Coach


Eranda's passion and dedication to Gymnastics started since he was a child. He was a Part of Sri Lanka national team from 1997-2007. He Competed in many World championships including Artistic Gymnastics World Championship in Ghent Belgium (2001), in Anaheim -USA (2003), World youth Olympics in Moscow-Russia (1998), Common wealth games in Melbourne-Australia (2006) & got selected to individual all round finals.​

He was the Gymnastics coach of multiple junior national champions in Sri Lanka.


Samindi Rodrigo



Jasmine Vallejo


“Hi! My name is Jasmine Vallejo and gymnastics is such a big passion of mine. I started at the little age of 3 in preschool classes, all the way to age 16 where I competed at the Elite level. Gymnastics has taught me a lot of discipline, hard work, but most importantly how to have fun while doing it. I look forward to coaching these little ones and passing on my knowledge to them.”


Sierra Lambrose


“Hi, I am Sierra Lambrose. I did gymnastics for ten years growing up and competed up to level 8, then I cheered in high school. I’ve always loved working with kids so I’m excited that I get to use my gymnastics experience to coach and help these kids become great gymnasts.”


Nicholas Clements


"Hi, I'm Nicholas Clements I did cheer for 7 years and have became a level 4 in tumbling. I am currently doing tumbling. I am very excited to teach kids how to do different kinds of flips and see them grow in gymnastics and tumbling.” 


Nicole Lane


"Hi, my name is Nicole Lane and I am so excited to be with American Flips! I have coached recreational gymnastics and sports for four years now, and have always loved being with kids. I always bring an energetic personality and will offer as much as I can to help these kids grow into gymnasts. I’ve loved being able to explore new activities and help kids find their passion in any way that I can, and am glad I get to continue to do so here!" 



Hannah Lee


Hi, my name is Hannah Lee. I did gymnastics several years ago and then cheered all throughout high school. When I was younger, I loved teaching my sister and friends how to tumble. Gymnastics has taught me many valuable life lessons which I hope the kids will take away as well. I’m thrilled I have this opportunity to coach these kids to become amazing athletes and reach their full potential. Watching them grow and celebrating every accomplishment will be exciting to experience with the kids.



Nick Tomko

Front desk operator

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