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ENROLLMENT OBLIGATION:  Parent/Guardian is responsible for making tuition payment on time and in full by each due date. Monthly tuition is due on the 3rd of each month and there will be a late fee of 10% after the due date. If tuition payments are not received by the 10th of the month, the student will be dropped from the class. We accept Cash/ Checks/ Credit or Debit cards (3% fee will be applied) and Payments through our Parent Portal.

Annual Registration Fees are due at the time of enrollment, renewed annually, and are non-refundable and non-negotiable in any circumstance. They cover your student's membership on a 12-month basis and are due the month before they expire. Registration Fees must be current for classes.

5 WEEK TUITION POLICY: Tuition is based on 4 weeks per month. If there are five weeks in a month, the 5th class if free. If you miss the free class, we do not give makeups for the missed free class.


DROP POLICY: If you need to drop your child from the program, we must receive, in writing a notice either dropped off at the front desk or mailed BEFORE the next session. Any notice received after that date will have full tuition charges for the following month assessed.

CREDITS/REFUNDS: All services rendered by American Flips are provided on a non- refundable basis. This includes, but is not limited to, registration fees, monthly tuition fees, private session fees, etc.

Once tuition has been paid, there are absolutely NO REFUNDS on classes for any reason. No exceptions. If a class is dropped for any reason-including but not limited to injuries-after one session is attended, no refunds, partial refunds, or credit will be given. In the case where tuition has been paid, but no classes have been attended, credit towards future use will be issued and retained on your family account.


MAKE-UP LESSONS: Make-up classes can be scheduled BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on an AVAILABILITY BASIS ONLY. You will only be offered the classes we have available for makeups. All make-ups must be scheduled in advance through the front desk.

*Exceptions for make-ups: when the gym is closed due to a holiday or gym event, the make-up is automatic and can be made up before the missed class.


  1. Schedule make-up class with the front desk and inform which class student missed or will be missing. Make-up date must be scheduled after the missed class date.

  2. Once the make-up has been offered, we go by a "TAKE IT” or “LOOSE IT” policy and we do not offer

make-ups for make-ups.

  1. Make-up classes may not be transferred to other children of the same family. Make-up classes may not be transferred to other children of another family.

  2. Make-ups can be utilized as make-ups only while you are enrolled and current in monthly fees. Make-up classes cannot be made up upon re-enrollment. If you drop out of the program, you lose the make-up classes and there is no monetary compensation.

  3. Two make up classes will be allowed every month. Make up classes will NOT be allowed to roll over to the following month. However, if you miss the last week of the month, you will be allowed to make it up in the first week of the following month. We do not issue credits or refunds on accounts for make-ups.


SAFETY: No parents are allowed in the gym area, unless authorized by the office. There is a viewing area for all observers. Absolutely no students are allowed in the gym until their class starts. If your child is caught playing on the equipment or is in the gym without the supervision of a American Flips Kids Gymnastics employee, your child will be asked to wait in the waiting area. I, as a parent or guardian, understand that any injuries that occur before or after class time due to my negligence are my responsibility and American Flips Kids Gymnastics cannot be held accountable.


PARENTS: All students are to be picked up/dropped off by the entrance to the gym. All viewing is to be done in the front gym, or on the benches in the waiting area. Students must be picked up on time, as they are not supervised once class is over.


ATTENDANCE: Please be on time! Because warm-ups are essential to student's safety and they are done at the beginning of class. As a safety procedure, children arriving after warm-ups (15 minutes late) may be asked to warm up on their own.

Note: For health reasons, please ensure your children wash/sanitize their hands before and after


class. Please do not send a child with any contagious conditions to a class or activity. (Bad cold, lice, skin disorder, etc.) In addition, all wounds on participants should be covered with fresh bandages when participating.


ATTIRE: It is the parent's and student's responsibility that the student be properly dressed and prepared for class when he or she arrives.

  1. For girls this includes: Leotard paired with tight or leggings.

  2. Hair must be put up in a way that does not interfere with the student's performance.

  3. No jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. are allowed to wear in the class. If a student come in wearing any jewelry, parent will be asked to take it off.

  4. CLEAN socks are required inside the gym floor.


BEHAVIOUR: For our beginning level students, socialization is as much a part of the experience as learning new skills. Students will be learning how to conduct themselves in a class setting. These skills are critical in order to facilitate a smooth-running and safe environment for all students. To

reduce disruptions, please attend to your child’s toileting needs before class begins.


FOOD OR DRINK: Absolutely no food, chewing gum, candy or drinks are allowed in the Gym or Tumbling classroom. You may bring water in a spill-proof container.

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