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Every champion was once a beginner!


We are now accepting Students from ages 5 and up!

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American flips kids gymanstics, Cypress CA

Our Girls & Boys Gymnastics classes are from beginner to advanced ages. Our certified coaches will work with them on improving strength, flexibility, coordination and age appropriate skill progressions on the events. They will also learn Trampoline skills that relate to skill development for gymnastics. This will also help them to develop life long fitness habits.

American flips kids gymanstics, Cypress, CA

Our pre Girls 1 classes are designed for children who has just turned age 5 to prepare them for Level 1. We aim to further a child's physical development and coordination while teaching strength, balance, flexibility and discipline. Our young gymnasts use the scaled down gymnastics equipment to learn "real Gymnastics" through play. These classes are designed to enhance your child's fine and gross motor skills, social skills, strength and coordination through the utilization of beginner gymnastics equipment, and obstacle courses that emphasize climbing, hanging, jumping, running, and rolling in a fun and safe environment.

American flips kids gymanstics, Cypress CA


Our tumbling classes progress students from cartwheels to back flips and back tucks and twists and improve their cheerleading skills.

American flips kids gymanstics, Cypress CA
Private Lessons

Do you have trouble fitting into our class schedule? Do you just want to work on particular skills? We offer private lessons one-on-one with your child and coach.

Stretching Gymnast

Stretch Your Limits